You have found the EXPERT company based in Krakow that organizes professional and most entertaining Krakow Shooting with all kinds of Guns like: AK47 KALASHNIKOV, GLOCK, SHOTGUN, REVLOVER, UZI and many more.

We also organize Airport Transfers,Private Krakow Tours to Auschwitz Salt Mines and Zakopane.

We have been organizing all kinds of entertainment in Krakow since 2002 and have an excellent opinion and outstanding experience.

The range is 15 minutes away from the Krakow City center and we will pick You up.

Our Shooting Range has: every gun you can imagine like: AK47Kalashnikov+Shotgun+Uzi+Winchester

+Mosberg+Imperator+Colt911+Desert Eagle.

Opening Hours:

Every Day from 12:00 till 7 pm. (You need to book in advance)

Needs to be booked a few days in advance!

We provide English Speaking Instructor, all ammunition and safety gear as well as transport to and from the venue from and to your hotel. That means that you just seat and relax until you are there and cool down and watch movies you have just recorded and pictures with friends on the way back.

You can Trust Us we care about every customer as we believe the best advertisement is word of mouth, what is more we has been already organizing krakow shooting for more than 20 years! and still are the most trustworthy Entertainment company in Krakow Poland.

If You feel like combining your airport transfer with shooting straight from/to the airport – It is a great idea you will spend less time in the car and have a nice welcome to Poland, it goes without saying that when you finish we will take you directly to your hotel or airport.

Nick Perkovic and gang – THE UNITED KINGDOM

Hi Paul, Apologies for my delay in replying. Thank you very much for our day on the range.
My family had a great time and it will be a talking point for a long while
to come.I appreciated your punctuality especially!
Best regards

Jamess Wift – England

Thank you for a great day of shooting, I will recommend you to all my friends
thanks again

Krakow Shooting Academy

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